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The address to marketing intermediaries can be caused both the constant, and incidentally arising reasons (a lack of means, lack of warehouse, growth of sales, etc.). In general marketing intermediaries promote more effective and sales of products.

Segmentation of the market demands detailed knowledge of requirements of consumers to goods and characteristics of consumers. Segmentation of the market happens several types: makrosegmentation-divides the markets on regions, the countries; mikrosegmentation-within one country by more detailed criteria; segmentation deep into - begin with wide group of consumers, then deepen, serve (for example, a watch for men - hours for business men); segmentation in breadth - begin with narrow group, then expand; preliminary segmentation - covers a large number of possible market segments; final segmentation - defines a closing stage of definition of optimum segments of the market. It is necessary to distinguish segmentation of buyers of goods of individual consumption and production appointment. Main criteria of segmentation of goods of consumer goods:

The complex state-of-the-art review of a condition of the market and the factors forming it, and also the multiple forecast of development of the commodity market taking into account tendencies of changes of change of the internal and external factors influencing it has to be result of work on determination of market capacity.

Our heart is filled with pleasure at only one thought of the house. Our house gives us new inflow of energy and removes a daily stress. The need for homeliness, individual housing comfort and the maximum security is old, as the world. Blinds can also make a small contribution to our cosiness. And also blinds ideal option for creation of a cozy interior on workplaces. The modern office is not represented without blinds.

Specific factors define development of the markets of separate goods, and each market can have factors, characteristic only for it. In this case the specific factor on extent of influence can be defining for formation and development of supply and demand in concrete goods. Are among specific goods:

The expanded product consists of the generalized product, and also the additional services and privileges provided to clients. Reliable deliveries, an aftersales service, quality assurances, etc. can belong to additional services and privileges.

Durable goods - consumer goods which are usually used during rather long time. Such goods cost expensive, but serve long. (washing machines, computers, etc.)

The association or other organizational association can mediate. There is a number of very essential positions where it is simpler, more convenient, more favorable to act together: transportation, warehousing, marketing, advertizing, insurance, protection, etc. As a result expenses of, and respectively and the cost of their services decrease.

Now the condition of the market is subject to considerable influence of such processes, as isolation of the territory and introduction of new monetary units, formation of commercial structures, inflation, introduction of new customs restrictions, etc.

About existence of goods of special demand clients sometimes also do not suspect but if heard about them, usually do not think of their acquisition (expensive clothes, collection wines, special grades. The main thing for buyers that they knew why these goods are unique.

Clients approach a choice of goods of preliminary use thoroughly. Choosing goods necessary for them, clients compare them at the price, quality, external registration (clothes, furniture, the household technician.

Market capacity is formed under the influence of a set of factors, each of which can in certain situations both to stimulate the market, and to constrain its development, limiting its capacity. All set of factors can be divided into two groups: general and professional and specific character.

Secondly, taking note on development of the commodity market of a large number of factors, development which tendency in the future can significantly change, defines need of creation of several options of models of development of the market and finding of optimum option from several.