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And here, to a bkhiksh, good truth that the suffering has the reason. It is the thirst conducting to regenerations, connected with pleasure and passion, finding pleasure that in one, in other. Thirst happens three types: thirst of sensual pleasures, thirst of regenerations, thirst of existence.

How to reach it, the fourth truth specifying an octal noble way speaks: "This good octal way is as follows: correct views, correct intentions, correct speech, correct actions, correct way of life, correct efforts, correct understanding and correct concentration".

As symbol of relationship of the person with the natural world the totem acts. Many people have a difficult system of communications with these or those animals who are considered as ancestors or patrons of the person or collective ancestors of a sort.

But the person has consciousness, therefore he — not only a "natural" being. To become the person — means to find ability "to realize" itself, i.e. to see and feel not only the participation to this world, but also feature, uniqueness of the situation in it. "Consciousness" of the person — this knowledge shared with other people, "joint" understanding of the world and a place of the person in it. This part "with -" is very important here. It is obviously not enough experience of one person to understand the world. The child studies to acquire knowledge of the previous generations, and the society "is more senior", the training lasts more long. Need to work together compels to adopt experience of others and to transfer the, and thereby — and to generalize it. So in human community there is a "generalized" idea of the world. In other words, all people making this society know about the world approximately same because "trust" experience of tribespeople — the past and the present. That is why belief — this collective idea of the world.

According to the first truth, all existence of the person is suffering, a dissatisfaction, disappointment. Even the happy moments of his life finally lead to suffering as they are connected with "separation with pleasant". Though the suffering is universal, it is not an initial and inevitable condition of the person as has the reason — desire or thirst of pleasures — which is the cornerstone of attachment of people to existence in this world. Such is the second noble truth.

Pessimism of the first two noble truth is overcome thanks to following to two. The third truth says that the suffering reason as it is generated by the person, is subject his ox and can be it and is eliminated — to put an end to sufferings and disappointments, it is necessary to stop having desire.

Some of them look quite rational. For example, a taboo on the use in food of a totem. If the sort totem — a kangaroo, a kangaroo is it is impossible. But here is how there could be a taboo forbidding the woman's meeting during pregnancy with the husband's brother, it is only possible to guess.

Belief — universal property of a human nature. The modern science believes that "homo sapiens" appeared 30 — 40 thousand years ago. Approximately besides time the rock paintings and household items which are already meaning existence of belief found by scientists belong.

The Buddhism recognizes existence of incalculable quantity — in the different worlds and in different periods. Is Buddha of the past, the present and the future. There is a group in one thousand ; there are Buddha, representing different types of activity and a natural phenomenon; Buddha of doctoring and Buddha of immeasurable light, Buddha of indestructible truth and universal, space Buddha. But only for one of them — the one who became the Teacher of mankind — this epithet is the first and main name.

More than 25 centuries ago in one of the small states in the northeast of India at the tsar Shuddkhodana and his wife Maya after long expectation Siddkhartkh's son was born. His patrimonial name was Gautama. The prince lived in luxury, without knowing cares, over time made a family and, probably, would replace on a throne of the father if the destiny did not dispose differently.