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Lofi study mix for level c2

Estimation of results. The head has to estimate results of work both each employee, and group in general, from the point of view of performance ­ the plan. If it seems that the plan is not implemented, ­ to present to group of the offer on its change or even to completely change strategy of achievement of the objectives.

Support and motivation. The head has to members of the group. People work better when feel that their individual contribution to the common cause ­ and is estimated by the head and group in general. If any of employees has personal problems, the has to know them and help to cope with them. For this purpose it is necessary to know personal features of the employee, his aspiration, motivation, abilities, feelings, interests. The head can reach it, ­ regular individual interviews with, on the other hand, such conversations, as a rule, loyalty of group in general to the head.

Planning. This function consists in definition of installations and tasks of group, and also in definition of strategy of achievement of the objectives. The detailed plan of action, necessary for achievement of the purpose has to be result of this stage.

The majority of these traits of character are and further only develop and ground. In a way, high-quality approach assumes that the are born and they need to be looked for, but not to train.