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Vegetables, fruit and especially spicy greens and edible herbs are applied in a diet so widely and sometimes even more widely, than in the Armenian and Georgian cuisines, but mostly in fresh, but not in the boiled or fried look. If she is trained with meat or eggs, whether that falls to the share of greens sometimes slightly no more than a half of volume of a dish (to a chuch,. Meat thus strongly boils soft therefore meat - vegetable dishes often represent green porridge with a meat sauce (sabza-govurm.

Chikhirtma with chicken is trained as well as with mutton, with only that difference that a bird if it old, cook no more than half an hour (entirely), and then cut on pieces and fried or if it young, do not cook in the beginning at all, and at once fried. Besides, do not add flour gas station to chicken broth, and in the form of acid to yaichnokisly mix use most often lemon juice, but not vinegar.

That fact that partly during the Persian dominion and especially from the second half of the XVIII century to the middle of the XIX century Azerbaijan broke up almost to fifteen feudal principalities khanates, promoted fixing of some regional features in Azerbaijan cuisine which are shown and until now.

All this is substantially connected with that in Azerbaijan cuisine red fish (a sturgeon, ) who thanks to the advantages gives the chance to use the specified technology is traditional.

The only originally burning spice in Georgian cuisine is a red pepper, but it. as well as garlic, is used, Georgians quite moderately, though is constant. And red pepper and garlic are always used as an additional, but not the main component in spicy mixes and, besides, their causticity is always moderated by that they are accompanied surely by such foodstuff as pounded nuts and a yogurt which are urged to weaken initial causticity.

Giving and food of the Azerbaijani plov also have the traditions. Rice is never given absolutely hot, and so warm that oil in it did not cool down. At the same time on a separate dish give meat or meat - fruit part of pilaf and separately spicy herbs. Thus, the Azerbaijani plova consist of three separate parts making in total one dish. Meat is jammed rice (or the rice wrapped in an unleavened wheat cake) and after that a spicy grass. Only those plova which meat part is replaced egg, give to a table differently - in the beginning on a dish an even layer put rice, on it egg and vegetable seasoning which try to take from a dish so that that and another in a spoon was equally.

After pilaf dense sauce from dried apricots, raisin, almonds and juice of pomegranate can follow as a transitional dish to a dessert. The dessert is always extremely various and consists besides indispensable melkokoloty sugar of various cookings, bekmes, water-ices,, cookies and a kaymak with honey which give to a final dish - tea.

To divide mutton into 4 pieces, slightly to fry without oil to a golden crust, to put in a big wide pot, to add small cut green onions, pepper, ginger and wetted nonut, to fill in with abrupt boiled water, densely to close and put in an oven for 40 min.

To cut veal four large pieces, to fry in oil with largely cut onions, to add 1 glass of boiled water, the shredded or previously wetted lentil and to put on slow fire or in an oven to pine (better in clay pots).

In Azerbaijan tea is drunk willingly, in large quantities and not only during the lunchtime, but also out of a lunch or any other meal. Drink only long leaf black tea, quite strong, and, as well as in Iran, use for drink not china (drinking bowls or cups), and the special very narrow vessels of a pear-shaped form reminding tiny vases - so-called armuda.