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The place of "Europe" was taken by the ships "Eustace" and "Three Prelates". The last sustained soon so serious damage of sails that could not keep in a system and pulled hard to the line of the opponent. At once its place was taken by the ship "Ianuary", after it there was a ship "Three Hierarches".

In 12 hours 30 min. fight was in full blast. The ship "Three Prelates" under the opponent's fire, thanks to dedicated work of staff corrected the damages and again left to the line the fourth ship. Behind it "Rostislav", and then "Europe" entered a system.

For specification of a situation it is necessary to add that width of a bay of Chesma at an entrance about 750 meters, and length does not exceed it 800 meters. The Turkish fleet stood densely in the depth of a bay and if to remember that length of the ship was about 54 meters, it is possible to imagine as densely there were Turkish ships on bay width.

The Turkish fleet at the lake of Chios consisted of 16 linear ships, 6 frigates, several tens small vessels and had 15 thousand staff and 1430 tools. Turks constructed the fleet to two lines at the anatoliysky coast. Thus the ships of the second line stood in intervals between the ships of the first line. Similar construction gave the chance to Turks to engage to action artillery of one board at once all the ships. Small vessels were located between the coast and lines of the fighting ships. Ashore there was a camp of the opponent.

On November 4 the landing was accepted back on vessels, and on November 5 the fleet weighed anchor and went to the port of Auz. At withdrawal frigates "Archipelago" and "Santorini" ran into a bank. "Archipelago" managed to be refloated, and the frigate "Santorini" had to be destroyed.

The admiral Spiridov was so annoyed that did not keep and cried to the commander of "Europe" Klokachev: "I congratulate you the sailor", i.e. in the face of all squadron accused him of cowardice and threatened to degrade. Actually the captain Klokachev far was not a coward and during further development of fight excellent proved it.