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In order that FTA of the CIS became effective, cooperation of these countries in harmonization, simplifications of procedures of trade, and at later stage - and unification of customs procedures, formalities of customs control and documentation, and also gradual cancellation of some of the called elements in mutual trade of the CIS countries within FTA is represented very essential. The most rational way in this relation - to follow the international practice and to follow the standard rules and provisions containing in a number of the international conventions and agreements.

For implementation of more effective methods of international trade and approaches to customs control in the CIS countries within FTA it is necessary to create the integrated electronic system of data processing and documentation which would cover all trade streams.

It is offered that the system of a doln to function as follows. The enterprises receive hard currency for the goods which are taken out out of borders of the CIS, and currency of the importer in interrepublican trade. Thus, exporters will be compelled to exchange the hard currency which is available for them for the local. Importers should pay in hard currency for goods from the countries which are not entering the CIS, and for this purpose they have to have opportunity to exchange local currency on firm, but will pay thus the local money for goods from other CIS countries.

Fourthly: the state creates all conditions for liberalization of the market relations and the prices, for development of trade and opportunities of a free modulation not only final goods, but also investments, labor and material resources, that is the cumulative capital, to those spheres, where the greatest deficiency and the highest rate of return.

First: it is necessary to accelerate conversion of defensive branches, their reorientation to creation of modern technologies for re-equipment of production under inquiries of internal and external consumers, and also on direct release of goods, especially when it is technologically possible without radical capital-intensive modernization.

Secondly: it is necessary to carry out diversification of the capital in large industrial associations and at the enterprises, to turn them into complex economic systems which except the main (profile) product, will be made by variety of goods directly on the consumer market.

Lack of coordination of export import to the CIS generated a serious problem of re-export of goods now to the third countries because of which all CIS countries incur losses. It is about so-called unauthorized re-export. For the purpose of its prevention in the CIS creation of system of informing partners on movement of the goods which are subject to tariff licensing is supposed. In case of re-export of goods to the third country payment of 50 percent currency revenue to the country of goods' origin could be the possible decision.