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Visual contact of the worker with other monitors or television screens is inadmissible. On the screen of the monitor there should be no patches of light. It is also necessary to avoid big contrast between brightness of the screen and surrounding space; optimum it is considered alignment of brightness of the screen and computer. Work with the computer in the dark or dark room is forbidden.

Work with the display often happens in rooms to artificial lighting. The role of artificial lighting in life of modern society is immeasurably great. Light of a lamp creating necessary conditions for functioning of an organ of vision and, therefore, providing full-fledged work, actually extends the period of conscious existence of the person. However such lighting has to ensure the correct functioning of eyes and come nearer to optimum conditions of visual perception in the conditions of natural solar lighting. Only then high efficiency of work and quality of production at the smallest exhaustion of the person are possible, including during the work with displays.

The video adapter designed according to recommendations of VESA, supporting the SVGA mode of 800*600 points with a frequency of updating of the screen of 75 Hz, with a depth of color not less than 16 bits (High Color mode) (S3 Trio64V;