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Let's note that the accuracy of ATsP cannot be better than it for resolution. In TsAP, on the contrary, requirements for accuracy surpass requirements for resolution. Such distinction is explained by opposite character of these converters:

In converters with the high allowing it is necessary to check a big of parameters for obtaining information on operation of the converter. For example, 12-digit TsAP or ATsP has 212, or 4096, possible combinations an entrance — an exit. Certainly, without application of the automated high-performance installation it is impossible to solve a problem of control of similar converters.

Shift of zero (zero error) to equally output tension of TsAP at a zero entrance code or to average value entrance ATsP, for receiving a zero code at its exit. Shift of zero is caused by leak current through keys of TsAP,

At control of IMS ATsP, especially, it is necessary to observe precautionary measures at connection of the controlled converter to control installation. Communication lines have to be such length and such resistance that falling a on them did not cause significant increase in a of measurement of the IMS ATsP parameters.

If check TsAP with a current exit, connect to its exit the operational amplifier, transformation of output current of TsAP to a. Thus the feedback resistor which is a part of TsAP connect without tuning that it was possible to measure an error of a of zero and a full scale.

Further control methods will be considered and the IMS ATsP dynamic parameters, can be used in the automated monitoring systems intended both for an of a mass production of IMS ATsP and for their entrance control.

The key parameters characterizing IMS ATsP are resolution, a, transformation coefficient, an error of a full scale, shift of zero, an absolute error, differential nonlinearity, monotony, transformation time.