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The big companies with an export potential, like Yukos, Sidanko, etc. are strongly anxious with increase of efficiency of the work recently. In such conditions information systems can be one of factors of increase of efficiency of their work.

It is possible to distinguish compliance of organizational structure of the company to business processes from the factors which are most promoting a survival of the company in the conditions of crisis, further follow - orientation of the company to the concrete vertical markets / branch segments and versatility of activity of the company.

Partners DEALINE are producers of computer and office equipment of. Production of is issued the largest producers, whose names standing on packings of goods guarantee quality of the goods, its support and services. The DEALINE is the guarantor of that all opportunities of the consumer of production of, all services provided by the producer in full will reach dealers.

The DEALINE aspires to that dealers had opportunity to acquire all that production which is in considerable demand in the market. This aspiration defines expansions of a circle of vendors DEALINE.

Ability to serve to several thousand dealers from the very beginning was put in technology of the company. Therefore the DEALINE does not put before dealers of barriers in the form of a high level of monthly volume of purchases. The DEALINE not only successfully satisfies interests of large dealers, but also supports small business, giving unique opportunities to the young, beginning firms. The DEALINE works at the market of all CIS with all categories of dealers.

The period of crisis had to be used by the companies for restructuring of own activity, reorientation to the new markets proceeding from forecasts about their development in the future. Work in the growing markets of the CIS countries, first of all Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus can be one of ways of reorientation of the company to the new markets.

It is necessary to take into account and that fact that, in process of recovery from the crisis, the structure of business will not reproduce a pre-crisis situation as it in essential degree reflected disproportions in economy in general, in particular, recession in industrial production. As recovery from the crisis is possible only on the basis of the accelerated production development, alleged change of the directions and the volumes of investment will lead and to essential change of client base.

Still, there is interesting to the computer companies an oil and gas sector and power. Due to the falling of the world prices for oil, there is especially actual an increase of production efficiency and management that is directly connected with a further computerization of branch.

The third - the declared intentions not to change a field of activity or to preserve activity, the supported intentions to re-structure firms, and also that objective circumstance that release as a result of crisis of 30-40% of workers of computer business allowed the escaped firms to increase the personnel potential without essential increase in expenses.