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on businessmen and hired workers, sellers and buyers - system of economic coercion in combination with a material interest, opportunity to earn practically any sum of money. In market economy dies off the word "pay" habitual to us, there people do not receive, and earn (an exception bezrabotna make and they, as a rule, earned that grant by work in the previous period.

Protection of the competition. The competition serves as the main regulating mechanism in capitalist economy. It is that force which subordinates producers and suppliers of resources to dictatorship of the buyer or the consumer's sovereignty.

Other example. It is well known that effectively functioning market economy cannot be imagined without development of small business. Without it it is difficult to create the economic environment, favorable for functioning of the commodity-money relations. Our large and sverkhkrupnye the enterprises, the promyshelnnost "mastodons" cooperating, as a rule, with same "mastodons" from allied industries are badly adapted for the competition, do not possess flexibility, characteristic for the market, and maneuverability.

It first of all concerns so-called public goods (public goods), i.e. goods and services which are consumed collectively. It is obvious that the state has to assume care of their production and organize joint payment to citizens of this production.

To number of problems which are not solved by the market competitive mechanism, effects (externalities) belong external, or collateral. When production of any production leads to environmental pollution, additional expenses, as a rule, are required. Thus the product price which production caused similar side effects, it can not affect. The mechanism of the market often does not react to the phenomena which became the real trouble for mankind.

lagat that in capitalist system there are no the mechanisms lifting cumulative expenses on that level which can provide a full employment. Emergence of two adverse situations is possible.

If you had a farm, on your field there was a ravine of 80 foots of width and 50 foots of depth, and every time when there was a rain, it became two foots wider and two foots deeper, and the soil carried away water. The system of a social obespechivaniye served this poor farm. All this was, all this was reality, all this was a reality.

The economic order is characterized by division in a certain form between the state and individuals of the rights of adoption of economic decisions - is especially right making decision on production and the rights of making decision on satisfaction of requirement.

It is difficult to overestimate influence of Keynesian ideas on economic thought and economic practice. In theoretical aspect of idea of Keynes promoted emergence of the new large section of the economic theory of macroeconomic.