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Introduction to write a toefl independent essay

"The love learns: it - knowledge as a unification of the one who learns, with that who is learned by it. And the beginning of knowledge as the beginning of the love, in separation, in "Father Istiny". Live Truth, as learned and learning otvetno, that is given rise by the Father, - the Son, preeternal Wisdom, Logos and Mind. In Lagos Truth, uniform as a razjedinennost Vseedinstva, the Father as separation, Spirit as a unification." (7,1

Still it was talked of the individual personality, out of her relations to the outside world, to an inobytiya. The bridge to an inobytiya for Karsavin is the knowledge. Process of knowledge me an inobytiya is process of my connection with it. And it" my connection with the inobytiy is carried out as the sphere of ours of "the general kachestvovaniye" which rests, on the one hand, in my personality as it did not pass into this sphere yet or already left it, and on the other hand - in inobyty, as for me - already or yet not kachestvuyushchy and not definable. This sphere can be narrowed and extend; in it inobyty gives itself to me, and I give myself an inobytiya" (15, Thus, kachestvovaniye of my personality in the course of knowledge of the inobytny world are the general kachestvovaniye leaning both on me and on inobyty.

The two-unity of the personality with inobytiy itself has to be the personality, even if inobyty - not the personality, and a dead body. Otherwise as there can be the personality one of the moments of this two-unity? The empirical, tvarny world also admits personal, Karsavin enters concept of "the symphonic personality". "The symphonic personality" is and there is a two-unity of the personality with the inobytiy. The symphonic personality differs from the individual personality in that her moments mutually inobytna, are stronger than them a razjedinennost.

"All real, live, reasonable and clever appears to us as a teofaniye or the Epiphany: everything, - even the most vile and insignificant because it is vile and insignificant only for our ignorance or not finishing, is created "kind very much"". (4.