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to literature the attention to those forms of the movement of society which are substantially connected with totalitarian, authoritative () manifestation is often paid. As for the beginnings of social development, they quite often from a field of vision historical and ­ the analysis.

Dialogue of cultures denies dictatorship, authoritarianism from someone's party. On the contrary, deepening of dialogue of cultures in the conditions of equality and freedom of development of the parties, perfection of means of communications, number of participants, in it. Growth of culture of people, an of dialogue of cultures between them do by a implementation of dialogue of the person with, i.e. to be realized to it as to the person.

The person ecological lives, acts and works in the Spiritual force field. It cannot quite be ­ without assimilation of the historical spiritual bases, without search original moral orientations, without identification of the traditional values making its whole space.